gym hairstyles

5 Gym Hairstyles You Need To Try

gym hairstyles

Are your only gym hairstyles a ponytail and a ponytail with a headband?  Do you get sick of wearing your hair in a boring ponytail every time you go to the gym?  Don’t worry, there are other cute and easy hairstyles you can quickly throw together for your next sweat sesh.

Gym Hairstyles You Need To Try

#1 – The bang braid –

If you know how to do a very simple french braid, this will take away the need for a headband.  Keep those fly-aways in place with this quick updo!

gym hairstyles

#2 – The Messy Bun

Then there is the always popular messy bun.  This is one of the easiest and quickest options!

Gym Hairstyles Messy Bun

#3 – Not Your Boring Low Pony

This is a cute spin on a low ponytail.  Add a few cross pieces to spruce things up.

Gym hairstyles updo
Tutorial here

#4 – Double Braided Ponytail

I absolutely love this look for the gym!  It’s so much cuter than your typical boring pony!

double braided ponytail
Tutorial here

#5 – The topknot

A cute spin on a high messy bun.  Knot your hair for this cute look.

gym hairstyles

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