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Products You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until Now!

After scouring the web this week, these are the few products I found that I just had to share.  These are the products you didn’t know you wanted until now!

Spider Catcher

Because not all of our boyfriends do their spider catching duties…

Come ONNNNN ladies…how do we not all have one of these already? Genius!  Would be a hilarious gift to give a girlfriend too…or even a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to do his boyfriend duties 🙂

spider catcher bug vacuum
Price: $16.99

I want this

Coffee Stencil

Because cute coffee is better than ugly coffee.

Coffee Stencils Cute

Price: $5.29

I want this

Illuminated Selfie Light Up Phone Case

Because selfies are….everything..duh

light up selfie phone case

Price: $24.95

I want this

Electronic Spin The Bottle

Because this brings back some serious memories!

Electronic spin the bottle

Price: $29.98

I want this

Garter Pocket Purse

Because purses can be a total pain in the ….

Garter pocket purse

Price: $25

I want this

Zero FOX Given Tumbler

Because let’s face it…I give zero fox.

Zero Fox Given Tumbler

I want this

Price: $12.97

funny amazon products

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